Bug Fixes

Patch Notes: Fingernail Category Fixes

v1.1 – 6/19/22

  • Renamed the zip files, but not the packages. That’s just for clarity and to match the packages.
  • Werewolves nails were actually mostly categorized correctly, but they were set to random so I added a fix for that as well as removing the broken “female” nails from transmasc sims.
  • Made an addon for transmasc nails, but there is a slight downside: nails will show up twice for cis male sims because I had to make a copy to make it work. They’ll both work the same for them so it doesn’t matter which one you choose, but it is annoying which is why I made it an addon in case you don’t want that.

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v1.0 – 6/15/22 – Initial Release

I saw a couple posts on Reddit about this bug: the categories on fingernails are messed up, resulting in sims with frames different from their gender unable to use most nails. I decided I couldn’t let this stand, especially in Pride month so I whipped up what I hope is only a temporary fix.

My hope is that I can discontinue this mod after a real fix is patched in, but for now it should do the trick.

This mod overrides all the “male” fingernails to work on any gender with a masc frame. It also includes a couple little override fixes for fem framed nails such as making MWS nails not random and CSW nails not show for the wrong frame (as visible in the “before” screenshot)

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