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CAS Items: Darker Graying Brown Hair

Jump to Patch notes It bothers me so much that we have all these different shades of brown hair but if you want your sim to be graying they have to have the bright brown. So when I started playing a legacy for the first time and wanted my founder to gray more naturally I […]

CAS Items Patch Notes

CAS Items: Recolors for School Colors

Jump to Patch Notes Figured since I went through the trouble of Photoshopping these I might as well upload them for everyone even if you don’t want the mod I made it for. IMPORTANT: If you have my School Colors & Better Outfits (YM & YF) or HSY Uniforms Grade School (CU & CF) these […]

CAS Items Initial Release

CAS Items: Pronoun Pins

v1.0 – 6/1/22 – Initial Release In celebration of Pride and the new pronoun options I’ve made recolors of Dissia’s nametags to serve as pronoun pins. Bracelet accessory that works for any gender regardless of frame (be kind of silly if it didn’t, given the theme) 3 patterns on the edges: rainbow pride flag, trans […]

CAS Items Initial Release Patron Gift

CAS Items: Club Hats for Kids

Jump to Patch Notes I hadn’t played a whole lot with clubs so I was surprised to recently discover that the kids’ club I had bought hats for couldn’t wear them. And then when I didn’t find CC for it I decided to make it myself. The swatches are the same as the adult ones […]