Feed Your Pets Initial Release

Feed Your Pets: Feedable Insects

I wasn’t going to do this one because I couldn’t picture someone actually keeping bugs for pets, but someone requested it and it’s easy since it borrows from the other mods so I figured, why not. But then I looked it up and I guess some bugs are actually reasonably common as pets in some […]

Initial Release Outfits

Patch Notes: School Colors & Better Outfits

v1.1 – 9/17/22 Added Red & Black and Gray & Black color schemes Cleaned up some stuff in the other versions but probably not noticeable As always, please let me know if you spot a problem. There are so many files merged in these that I’m sure I’ll miss things from time to time. Download […]

Initial Release Occult Mods

Alien Motive Tweaks

v1.0 – 9/2/22 – Initial Release I made this for personal use way back when I was working on my PlantSim Motive Overhaul because I wanted to mimic the Sims 3 alien motives. I’ve been playing with it for a while but I forgot all about sharing it here for a while. This is simpler […]

Initial Release Object Recolors Patron Gift

Object Recolors: Kids’ Toys

v1.0 – 9/1/22 – Initial Release The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of more toy recolors so here they are! Just a few extra colors for 3 toys that were a bit limited. I really wanted to try to make patterned version of the cat, but the swatch image is really small and weirdly arranged […]

Decor with a Purpose Initial Release

Decor with a Purpose: Useful Pens & Pencils

v1.0 – 8/28/22 – Initial Release No more useless pencil cups! Now there’s a reason to have them. With this mod, sims can no longer pull pencils out of nowhere do things that would require a pen or pencil in real life. Sims will need to be near a pen/pencil object to do homework, grade […]

Bug Fixes Initial Release

Bugfix: HSY Hanging Clothes

v1.0 – 8/1/22 – Initial Release While working on a related mod I realized that the High School Years hanging clothes, while marked as dressers, are missing the tuning that would make them actually function. So you click on them and nothing happens. So I figured, hey that’s an easy fix that I can put […]

Initial Release Patron Gift Texture Override

Texture Overrides: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

v1.0 – 8/1/22 – Initial Release Just because I have to use gendered bathrooms in public doesn’t mean my sims should have to! So I’ve replaced the signs on several of the public restrooms. This does not change the functionality at all! Sims will still use the side that the game thinks they’re supposed to, […]

CAS Items Initial Release

CAS Items: Pronoun Pins

v1.0 – 6/1/22 – Initial Release In celebration of Pride and the new pronoun options I’ve made recolors of Dissia’s nametags to serve as pronoun pins. Bracelet accessory that works for any gender regardless of frame (be kind of silly if it didn’t, given the theme) 3 patterns on the edges: rainbow pride flag, trans […]

Initial Release Multi-Purpose Objects

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Seating/Bookshelves

v1.0 – Initial Release This one was super tricky and I almost gave up on it before getting a request for it. But there’s a trick to it. Each piece of furniture is actually two objects. I split the books from the seat and divided the original object cost between them (§50 for the books […]

Initial Release New Objects Patron Gift

P.R.I.M.A. Pro Laptop

v1.0 – 5/1/22 – Patron Release A higher-end version of the P.R.I.M.A. Laptop I just released. This version has more colorful lights and better stats, but will cost your sims a bit more at §4250. Just like the basic one, this this is a brand new, basegame compatible object based off existing EA objects. Download […]

Initial Release New Objects

P.R.I.M.A. Laptop

v1.0 4/1/22 – Initial Release There is only one basegame laptop and it’s locked behind a career. That annoyed me so I decided to make my own, using that one as a base and snagging the logo from a desktop computer. This is also my first mesh edit! This is a brand new, basegame compatible […]

CAS Items Initial Release Patron Gift

CAS Items: Club Hats for Kids

Jump to Patch Notes I hadn’t played a whole lot with clubs so I was surprised to recently discover that the kids’ club I had bought hats for couldn’t wear them. And then when I didn’t find CC for it I decided to make it myself. The swatches are the same as the adult ones […]