Initial Release Misc Mods

Spa Day Face Masks From Mirrors

By request, this mod adds the ability to purchase Spa Day face masks from mirrors like you can from computers and the mini fridge. You have to apply the masks in a separate step from a sim’s inventory because it wouldn’t cooperate to actually apply them. I’m just happy I got it to stop throwing […]

Misc Mods Patch Notes

Patch Notes: HSY Miscellaneous Mods

9/6/22 – Update Removed Better School Club Outfits because it’s been replaced with School Colors & Better Outfits Moved recolors to CAS Items: Recolors for School Colors Download for free on Patreon 8/25/22 – Update Moved Uniform mods to their own post. Added skirt recolor 8/17/22 – Initial Release I made a few different mods […]