Occult Mods Patch Notes

PlantSim Spawner & Motive Overhaul

Jump to Patch notes This is something very different from what I usually make, but I’m really excited about it! A new way to get PlantSims as well as some adjustments to the trait. IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS! As always, please let me know if you run into any bugs with this. It’s a […]

Object Recolors Patch Notes Patron Gift

Object Recolors: Blarffy

Jump to Patch Notes I didn’t like the bright pink and blue versions of Blarffy so I added versions that just change the ribbon color to pink and blue. Then I decided that wasn’t enough so I made a set of more muted colors. It’s nothing fancy or exciting but I like the new options […]

Patch Notes Slotted Items

Slotted Items: Bathtubs

Jump to Patch Notes I went through the trouble of making Functional Shower Supplies only to be annoyed that I couldn’t sit them on the edges of bathtubs. So I went through the bathtubs and added slots where they fit. There are far more small slots than medium but at least there are a few […]

Decor with a Purpose Patch Notes

Decor with a Purpose: Clothes and Hampers as Dressers

Jump to Patch Notes After seeing the hanging clothes as dressers in Dream Home Decorator I decided that these other clothes should function as dressers too. The pile of clothes is perfect for slob sims and the hampers are good for lazy ones! The folded clothes are useful if you don’t have a lot of […]