Decor with a Purpose

Decor with a Purpose: Functional Tissue Box

v1.11 – 6/28/22

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v1.10 – 6/9/22

v1.9.2 – 5/15/22

  • Renamed the files to better reflect the mod name
  • Please delete your existing files and redownload one of the new zips because the renamed files won’t overwrite the old ones.
  • Added Polish translation from Mircul9

v1.9.1 – 3/4/22

  • Added new French translations from Vanessa Sims. If cilsophie gets back to me with the missing strings I’ll add an alternate French translation for anyone who wants to compare them and choose.

v1.9 – 2/8/22

  • Added a new moodlet so that if a sim blows their nose again before the “Temporary Relief” buff runs out they get a sore nose (because who hasn’t experienced this really?)
  • Added support for shiningmoonmods’s Health System Overhaul
  • Added the missing hidden tags for Chinese Simplified.

v1.8 – 1/27/22

  • Brand new search functionality! I’m slowly adding hidden tags to my objects so you can find them by searching for “Ilex” (that’s an uppercase i at the beginning if you can’t tell).
  • Added Russian translation from Jane_Moriarty

v1.7.2 – 1/16/22

  • Added Chinese and Chinese Simplified translations from Awcha

v1.7.1 – 1/15/22

  • Behind the scenes fix for my strings. You won’t actually see a change in game, but the old way risked conflicting with my own mods as well as others.
  • Added Czech translation from Mikaela_Lovett

v1.7 – 1/4/22

  • Made some modifications that I hope will fix the reported bug with maids moving the object around. It’s just a guess though so let me know if you still experience the issue.
  • Added another buff from adeepindigo’s Healthcare Redux that I guess I missed before. Hopefully this fixes the other reported bug.

v1.6 – 12/30/21

  • Added “Cry it Out” interaction. It doesn’t last as long as crawling into bed, but it will lower sadness a bit and means that you no longer need GTW or a sickness mod to use this object.

v1.5 – 12/18/21

  • Added the ability to use the object from a sim’s inventory. I thought this would be super complicated and then I saw that it’s literally one line of XML. I procrastinated it for nothing!

v1.4 – 12/15/21

  • Added more Slice of Life buffs to the list. It’s now checking for allergies and the flu instead of just the “Stuffiness” buff
  • Added custom thumbnails for the object so you can tell at a glace where the CC is from.

v1.3 – 11/24/21

  • Increased the buff duration. I didn’t want it to last super long, but in practice 1hr added nothing to my gameplay. So I upped it to 4hrs and that seems better.
  • Added the Private Practice hidden cold and flu buffs to the list of buffs detected. It’s more intuitive and I think it works better alongside Private Practice medications.
  • Discontinued the GTW animation addon. I didn’t like the animation and the only feedback I got on it was that it was “weird” so I’m ditching it. It’s a pain to update stuff twice anyway so until I find something better it’s just the grab animation.

v1.2 – 11/11/21

  • Added a Private Practice buff that I previously missed. If you’re not using that mod you can skip this update.

v1.1 – 11/5/21

  • Added support for IlkaVelle’s Allergic to Fur Traits
  • Added French translation from cilsophie on MTS
  • The addon isn’t actually changed so you don’t need to redownload it. I just wanted to keep the version numbers the same.

v1.0 – 10/26/21 – Official Release

When your sims have a cold or allergies, even if they don’t want to or can’t spend §50 on medicine they can now blow their nose to get a 4 hour “Temporary Relief” buff in an attempt to offset the symptoms they’re experiencing. This will not make them stop being sick, but it will make them feel better for a little while.

This is an override of a Basegame item, but it requires either Get to Work or a supported sickness mod to function. The tuning is custom and shouldn’t conflict with anything unless you have something else that happens to modify this object specifically. In any case, please let me know if you have any problems with them.

Download for free on Patreon