Initial Release Should Have Been

Should Have Been: Hanging Dressers

I’m really excited about these because they’re my biggest experiment with mesh edits so far! I’ve separated the clothes from the shelves in these basegame objects and made them all compatible with the hanging clothes from DHD and HSY.


  • Shelves without clothes
    Shelves without clothes


  • Basegame Shelves (4 versions)
  • Basegame Hanging Clothes (4 versions)


  • The shelves override the original objects. So when you install this you'll see the clothing disappear from them and possibly the color of the shelf change. But don't panic, I'll tell you how to get them back.
  • The shelves are now located in the Shelves category and each has 4 new color swatches. This is to make sure that none of your existing objects completely disappear but it means that that already placed ones might have changed color. Just change it back.
  • The clothes are new objects, found in with the other dressers. Each set has 3 new color swatches. Just because I wanted more variety. If you're missing the clothes from a shelf just add the ones you want.
  • The new clothes objects will hang on the edited shelves or on the DHD/HSY clothes racks.
  • You can also place the clothes from DHD/HSY on the edited shelves. Everything can mix and match!
The new strings are in English only. I don't speak any languages nearly well enough to translate this myself so I welcome any translations that anyone can offer and will credit all translators.