Initial Release Outfits

Patch Notes: School Colors & Better Outfits

v1.1 – 9/17/22

  • Added Red & Black and Gray & Black color schemes
  • Cleaned up some stuff in the other versions but probably not noticeable
  • As always, please let me know if you spot a problem. There are so many files merged in these that I’m sure I’ll miss things from time to time.

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v1.0.1 – 9/6/22 – HOTFIX

  • Added missing recolors. Nothing was broken, but since I promised they were all included I figured I’d better uphold that. If you downloaded v1.0 earlier and want the corrected version please download v1.0.1. If you don’t care about the recolors there’s no need.

v1.0 – 9/6/22 – Initial Release

This is a pretty huge overhaul! In fact, it’s really a different mod in the way it’s been approached. Although the core is the same, it’s really gone through a lot of changes with the intention of making it a base for an overhaul of my uniforms.

But if you’re not using uniforms you can still use this as a way to change the school colors!

Because so much has changed behind the scenes it makes more sense to just describe what this does now, rather than posting about each thing I updated.

  • Students no longer lose all their accessories when wearing generated outfits.
  • No fans for Chess and Computer clubs
  • Only sims with certain traits are Football fans
  • Cheerleaders wear cheerleading outfits to support the Football team
  • Only the Football team wears sporty clothes to support the Cheer team
  • Masc jacket and tie is now an option for Chess team outfits.
  • No more cropped pants. Jeans for sporty outfits and dress pants/skirts for the Chess team. (I don’t know if cropped pants are actually popular with teenagers, but I’m old and I thought they looked stupid)
  • No more ugly velcro shoes. Now randomized from a few different sneakers sporty looks and dress shoes and socks for Chess and Computer clubs.

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