Initial Release Multi-Purpose Objects

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Seating/Bookshelves

v1.0 – Initial Release

This one was super tricky and I almost gave up on it before getting a request for it. But there’s a trick to it. Each piece of furniture is actually two objects. I split the books from the seat and divided the original object cost between them (ยง50 for the books and the rest is the seat).

The seat parts are overrides of EA objects with new meshes to remove the books and a new slot to put them in. The books are new bookshelf objects designed for use only with their appropriate seat (nothing will stop you from putting them other places, but they’ll look stupid)

To use these objects you should place the seat part first and then slot the books into the center of them. (Note: If you have the seats already placed on a lot you’ll need to add the books because the edited object doesn’t include those anymore)

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