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Object Recolors: Holiday Decor

Happy whatever holiday(s) you celebrate this time of year!

This months recolors are holiday themed from Basegame and Holiday Celebration Pack. There are four objects but two are essentially the same (for some reason the candles exist in both sculpture and light form so I added my swatches to both).

These are overrides of the original objects (that still include the original colors) but if you have other recolors and want mine as a standalone instead let me know and I’ll create another version.


  • Holiday Celebration tree (3 new swatches)
  • Holiday Celebration wreath (2 new swatches)
  • Basegame candles (2 objects, 4 new swatches each)

I found that the pine in the HCP objects was really bright and wanted a darker version so that’s the direction I went with those recolors. They’re simple but I like them a lot more than the default swatches and I hop you’ll like them too. And yes, they lean Christmasy but there’s not a lot of non-Christmas stuff that lends itself to recolors for this tbh. I tried to include less Christmasy stuff in the candles to make up for it a bit but I’m open to suggestions for things I can add.


  • Holiday Celebration Wreath Recolor 1
    Holiday Celebration Wreath Recolor 1

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