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Occult: PlantSim Spawner

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This is something very different from what I usually make, but I’m really excited about it!

This mod adds a new object with new functionality. A new way to get PlantSims!

  • A stump that looks like the original, but instead of growing a tree to turn your sim into a PlantSim, spawns a PlantSim toddler as the child of your sim and their partner. You still need the seeds, but you can cheat it if you want, same as the original.
  • This is intended to somewhat imitate how PlantSims used to reproduce by growing their children from the ground, but it’s not locked to PlantSims to do it. Anyone (teen-elder) can spawn a PlantSim toddler.


As always, please let me know if you run into any bugs with this. It’s a whole new thing for me so I definitely won’t pretend I’m 100% confident there aren’t any.


  • Requires a mod that enables toddler and child PlantSims. I recommend my own PlantSim Overhaul mod since I know it's updated, but if you have another you already use it should work.
  • The spawning functionality is based on the Romantic Garden Stuff wishing well. It shouldn’t require that pack, but if you have an issue with it and don’t have that pack let me know.
The new strings are in English, French, and Russian only at the moment. I don’t speak any languages other than English nearly well enough to translate them so I welcome any translations that anyone can offer and will credit all translators.
  • Vanessa Sims – French translation (addon not translated)
  • SER_KISYAN – Russian translation
  • jiskett - Extensive beta testing
  • Vanessa Sims - French translation
  • SER_KISYAN - Russian translation
  • Aarathiel - Polish translation


  • PlantSim Spawner Stump
    PlantSim Spawner Stump


  • Spawns an infant instead of a toddler. Make sure you have a mod that supports PlantSim infants.

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Patch Notes

  • Updated for infants.
  • Moved the motive overhaul to its own mod page: PlantSim Overhaul.
  • Added an addon to spawn infants instead of toddlers.
  • Added a StrangerVille Motherplant addon. Now PlantSims that are infected by the Motherplant will have a custom overlay and some additional perks over other infected sims.
  • Updated the main mod to support the addon.

This is something very different from what I usually make, but I’m really excited about it!

A new way to get PlantSims as well as some adjustments to the trait.


Download for free on Patreon