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Patch Notes: Damaged Walls

v1.2 – 8/29/22

  • Reduced the negative environment from each object. You’ll need to place more objects to see the negative buff, but it should keep sims from being miserable when you just want a little damage for aesthetic.
  • Added tooltips to tell you how much negative environment each object gives.

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v1.1.1 – 6/27/22

  • Added an alt version by request. This version does not have negative environment effects. Please read the instructions in the Downloads section and if you’re replacing the original version with the alt one be sure to delete your old files.

v1.1 – 6/21/22

  • Added Werewolves wall damage. There are 10 swatches even though I only screenshotted one of them.

v1.0.1 – 5/23/22

  • Added French translation from Vanessa Sims

5/17/22 – HOTFIX

  • Reuploaded the addon because the file didn’t upload properly the first time. Download again if you had problems with it.

v1.0 – 5/16/22 – Initial Release

I love the idea of building a very damaged house and fixing it up, but going into build mode to change decor doesn’t quite satisfy that for me.

So for this first in the series, I made the cracks and holes in the walls give negative environment and made them able to be repaired after inspecting the damage. Depending on how bad the damage is you’ll need different Handiness levels, but you can hire someone to fix it if you don’t have the skill. (Use common sense and put them where sims can access them of course)

These are overrides of a EA objects given custom tuning and moved to the Wall Sculptures category in build mode. This is to make them easier to find and to clean up the buy mode wall decorations a bit.

Download for free on Patreon