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Patch Notes: Darker Graying Brown Hair

v1.8 – 9/11/22

  • Added two SDX hairs
  • Separated out the BG download because the file was getting huge and Patreon was being annoying. Be sure to download that in addition to the updated Merged or Separate download because it’s no longer included in that.

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v1.7 – 9/9/22

  • Added Get Together hairs

v1.6 – 6/28/22

  • Added Spa Day and Cool Kitchen Stuff hairs

v1.5 – 5/24/22

  • Added the two most recent SDX hairs
  • Added Luxury Party Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff hairs

v1.4 – 4/26/22

  • Added Get to Work hairs

v1.3 – 4/16/22

  • Added Outdoor Retreat hairs
  • Starting with v1.3 the Separate download has been discontinued. Let’s be honest, it was overkill.

4/1/22 – Public Release

v1.2.1 – 3/27/22

  • Improved the gray on the male and female versions of EF02WavyLoose. The original light brown version isn’t great to begin with, but I think the fix is better than it was at least.

v1.2 – 3/15/22

  • Added the rest of the basegame hairs, including the ones I help off on because of accessories and multi-coloring. Should be the last update before this goes public unless someone reports an issue.

v1.1 – 3/8/22

  • Added original male basegame hairs
  • Added male versions of original basegame female hairs
  • Changed the filename to be more accurate so make sure to delete the old version because it won’t override

v1.0 – 3/3/22 – Patron Release

It bothers me so much that we have all these different shades of brown hair but if you want your sim to be graying they have to have the bright brown. So when I started playing a legacy for the first time and wanted my founder to gray more naturally I realized I needed to make a darker version of her hair. And then I thought, why not make all the hairs?

Obviously that’s quite an undertaking, even if each one doesn’t take crazy long to make. I really underestimated now many even basegame hairs there are which is why I’m releasing this in phases throughout the next week or so.

Current includes the original female basegame hairs (based on EA naming, not on whether they show up for women), and in the coming days I’ll release the male ones and the ones that were released later. Also, I skipped hair too short to matter and the multicolored hairs because they won’t work with my recolor method. If your sim is dyeing their hair anyway they can dye over the gray right?

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