Decor with a Purpose Patch Notes

Patch Notes: Functional Makeup Trays

v1.5 – 8/14/22 

  • Added High School Years objects
  • I realized that having Separate, Merged, and Merged by pack was probably confusing so I’ll be slowly updating all my mods to use a new structure.
  • Starting with v1.5 the Separate download has been discontinued.
  • Renamed the files to better reflect the mod name
  • Now there are two downloads: Merged and ByPack.
    – Merged contains all objects in one file.
    – ByPack contains a TUNING file and one file per pack. You can pick and choose the packs you have/want
    – Each download also contains a file explaining this.
  • Please delete your existing files and redownload one of the new zips because the renamed files won’t overwrite the old ones.

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v1.4 – 2/13/22

  • Fixed an issue with the strings on the GTW object. It all imported in English when I cloned it but I was able to recreate it and pull the translated strings in manually.
  • Brand new search functionality! I’m slowly adding hidden tags to my objects so you can find them by searching for “Ilex” (that’s an uppercase i at the beginning if you can’t tell). In English you can also search for “Makeup” and have these come up.

v1.3.1 – 1/15/22

  • Behind the scenes fix for my strings. You won’t actually see a change in game, but the old way risked conflicting with my own mods as well as others.
  • Added Czech translation from Mikaela_Lovett

v1.3 – 1/3/22

  • Made the objects able to go into a sim’s inventory as requested. I wanted to make it function from the inventory but realized that’s not doable with the animation limitations.

v1.2 – 12/17/21

  • Added custom thumbnails so you can tell at a glance where the objects came from
  • Renamed the files to be more consistent with my naming conventions. Uses VGS instead of ALL in the name because VGS is required no matter what. Be sure to delete the old version because the new one will not overwrite it.
  • Fixed a minor issue with nested zip files.

v1.1 – 11/30/21

  • Added a new object cloned from a basegame debug object. It still requires Vintage Glamour Stuff but doesn’t need any other pack.

v1.0 – 9/15/21 – Initial Release

The next item I’m giving a use is the makeup tray from Parenthood! I’ve also created cloned a debug object from Get Famous that has this functionality as well.

The Parenthood item is an override and both items require Vintage Glamour Stuff to function. The tuning is custom, adjusted from the vanity tuning to work with an object sitting on a desk. It shouldn’t conflict with anything unless you have something else that happens to modify that object specifically, but please let me know if you have any problems with it. Especially since there are so many interactions and there well could be a mistake somewhere.

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