Decor with a Purpose Patch Notes

Patch Notes: Functional Radiator

v1.3.2 – 5/15/22

  • Renamed the files to better reflect the mod name
  • Please delete your existing files and redownload one of the new zips because the renamed files won’t overwrite the old ones.
  • Added Polish translation from Mircul

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v1.3.1 – 3/14/22

  • Added French translations from SheepishNudist for the Snowy Escape version. They wanted me to note that they are not a native French speaker and are still learning so if you have any corrections please reach out to me.

v1.3 – 2/17/22

  • Added custom thumbnails so you can tell at a glance where they’re from
  • Behind the scenes fix for my strings. You won’t actually see a change in game, but the old way risked conflicting with my own mods as well as others.
  • Brand new search functionality! I’m slowly adding hidden tags to my objects so you can find them by searching for “Ilex” (that’s an uppercase i at the beginning if you can’t tell).
  • Added Russian translations from SER_KISYAN
  • Moved the temperature strings file to its own zip as an addon to be more consistent with my other mods. Please delete old versions because this will not overwrite them.

v1.2 – 9/16/21

  • Added new English-only strings to the Snowy Escape version, replacing “Space Heater” with “Radiator” in the buff. Yes, the icon is still a space heater but I don’t hate it.
  • Added optional STRING file for Seasons version. This will replace the buff strings to say “From Temperature set to Warmer” instead of “From Thermostat set to Warmer” (in English only) to make sense with both thermostats and this object. I tried to find a way to do it without overriding the one for the thermostat but I can’t figure out how they hook together so this is the next best thing.

v1.1 – 9/7/21

  • Added a Seasons compatible version. It requires Vampires and Seasons rather than Vampires and Snowy Escape. The SE version is unchanged.
  • Renamed the mod to make sense for both versions.
  • You can not use both at once. If you have both Seasons and Snowy Escape just decide which functionality you want.

v1.0 – 9/1/21 – Initial Release

We have ways to heat houses now, but the radiator from the Vampires pack remains useless without mods. So here’s my take on functionality for it.

I actually created this a while ago for myself and then forgot about it. So now that I started uploading mods I recreated it to make sure I did it right.

This is an override for a Vampires item. It will continue to appear in all the same categories as before plus now appearing in the Electronics category.

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