Misc Mods Patch Notes

Patch Notes: School Uniforms

v1.3 – 9/17/22

  • Added Red & Black and Gray & Black color schemes for HSY Uniforms Grade School
  • Added some missing recolors in HSY Uniforms Grade School
  • Added Red & Black and Black & Gray color schemes to all versions of SE Uniforms
  • As always, please let me know if you spot a problem. There are so many files merged in these that I’m sure I’ll miss things from time to time.
  • HSY Uniforms Complete and HSY Uniforms HS Active Only don’t actually require updates and likely won’t for a while but I’ve changed the version number to minimize confusion.

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v1.2 – 9/6/22

  • Overhauled to work with my School Colors & Better Outfits mod.
  • Most versions have changed quite a bit, been reorganized, and some now require School Colors & Better Outfits. Please read the descriptions before downloading.
  • Please delete all old versions because they will not overwrite the files.

v1.1 – 8/25/22

  • There’s just too much to these to keep them in the same post as the other HSY mods so I’ve broken them out.
  • Added alternate colors as voted on. More to come.
  • Renamed files for clarity. Please delete old versions since they won’t overwrite correctly.

8/17/22 – Initial Release

I made a few different mods for my own purposes and decided to expand upon them to share them here.

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