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Patch Notes: Stained Walls

v1.1 – 8/29/22

  • Added French translation from Vanessa Sims
  • Added Polish translation from Aarathiel
  • Reduced the negative environment from each object. You’ll need to place more objects to see the negative buff, but it should keep sims from being miserable when you just want a little damage for aesthetic.
  • Added tooltips to tell you how much negative environment each object gives.
  • Added a new addon for graffiti. Be sure to read the details and requirements of it before downloading it.
  • I realized as I was typing this that I forgot to screenshot the addon objects but they’re the only graffiti that shows up in Wall Attachments so you can’t miss them.
  • Uploaded the tuning file separately. You only need this if you’re planning to use the addon without the main mod.

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HOTFIX 6/28/22:

  • Uploaded the correct file for Merged this time. If you downloaded the Separate version that I uploaded last night there’s nothing broken about it, but it’s got everything broken down into all the pieces for my use. The other files are better.

v1.0.1 – 6/27/22

  • Fixed a bug where I forgot to generate the strings for all the languages. Sorry about that.
  • Added Russian translation from SER_KISYAN
  • Added an alt version by request. This version does not have negative environment effects. Please read the instructions in the Downloads section and if you’re replacing the original version with the alt one be sure to delete your old files.

v1.0 – 6/26/22 – Initial Release

This is very similar to my Damaged Walls mod. It functions almost identically to that except that you don’t need Handiness to clean after inspecting.

Why do you have to inspect them before cleaning them? Because that gives you the freedom to choose when they become cleanable. Otherwise your sims will go around doing it on their own when you might want it to stay messy for a bit.

Download for free on Patreon