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Patch Notes: Kids’ Lamps

v1.2 – 7/8/22

  • Added a Standalone version with just the new swatches. This is for if you already have something overriding the original. You do not need both files.
  • The original is unchanged even though I changed the version number to keep it consistent.

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Public Release 7/1/22

v1.1 – 6/15/22

  • Added two new swatches to each object: green and red. Like the other colors, these were selected to match the BG kids’ furniture
    Fixed the color tags on my other swatches

v1.0 – 6/1/22 – Patron Release

There are a few BG lamps that only come in 3 colors by default. I’ve expanded them each to 6, designed to match other BG kids’ furniture.

This overrides the original objects so if you have other recolors and want mine as a standalones instead let me know and I’ll create another version.

Download for free on Patreon