CAS Items

CAS Items: Pronoun Pins

v1.0 – 6/1/22 – Initial Release

In celebration of Pride and the new pronoun options I’ve made recolors of Dissia’s nametags to serve as pronoun pins.

  • Bracelet accessory that works for any gender regardless of frame (be kind of silly if it didn’t, given the theme)
  • 3 patterns on the edges: rainbow pride flag, trans flag, and nonbinary flag
  • 8 Simlish strings to choose from. In English they say: He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, Ze/Zir, Xe/Xem, He/They, She/They, Ask Me About My Pronouns
  • The screenshots don’t show all 24 swatches, but you get the idea

I know I could have added so many more options, but it’s already a ton of swatches. If I didn’t make a swatch with your pronouns please don’t take it personally. I didn’t make mine either!


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