Object Recolors Patron Gift

Patch Notes: Alien Dolls & Poster

v1.0.1 – 5/1/22 – Public Release

  • Removed the Separate download and added a ByPack one to be more consistent with how I’m doing my mods now.
  • There’s nothing wrong with the Separate ones so feel free to keep them, but if you do switch to this version you should delete the old files.

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v1.0 – 4/1/22 – Patron Release

I love all the real life diversity that the Sims has started adding! I try to always give my sim children toys that can represent them, the kind that parents would want their kids to have.

Then my sim had an alien child and I realized that all the dolls are human! So, not wanting her to feel left out, I came up with a few toy recolors. And when I decided to share them with you I put together a poster to go along with them!

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